I have a confession. I did something I don’t enjoy doing. This is something that makes it so that I cannot sleep because I keep thinking of how I could have handled it differently. But, I think I actually handled it the way I should have handled it. There are times in life, when you have to be assertive, you can’t let people walk over you and I tend to let that happen from time to time because I don’t want to come off as a jerk. That’s why I tend to get myself into situations where I buy something I don’t need, or I get into situations where I overbook myself and end up not having time for myself. So here is how I handled two door to door salespeople.

It was 7:30 p.m., and we were getting ready to put Cason down, when the doorbell rang. That was pretty odd, because we were not expecting anyone to come over. I looked through the peep hole and saw two people, one man, one woman, mid thirties, with clipboards. Kinsey told me not to open the door because it may be a warrant roundup. I opened it anyways because we are not criminals with warrants. haha. As soon as I opened the door, this conversation took place:

Man: are you Jose Chavez?

Me: yeah.

Man: do you speak spanish?

Me: si.

He spoke perfect English, and I was speaking in English and had a blonde hair blue eyed girl standing behind, so I dont know why he wanted to have a conversation in Spanish. Anyways, I will translate what we said to each other.

Man: perfect! Would it be ok for us to come in and chat with you?

Me: no, it would not. It’s 7:30 and we are trying to tuck our son in for the night.

Man. Well, I think you should let us in because this could benefit you.

Me: oh really?

Man: how happy are you with the water being provided to you?

Me: wait. Do you see my mailbox?

(my mailbox is right next to my front door and doorbell… and the conversation shifted back to English)

Man: yes.

Me: what does it say?

Man: No Soliciting

Me: ok. And what are you doing right now?

Man: well, we are trying to help you.

Me: no, you are trying to sell me something… or in other words, “soliciting”

The woman with the man gave me the “I am not very pleased with you not letting us in”, so I looked at her

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am… did I offend you

Woman: I think you are making a big mistake. You could improve your water drastically.

Me: no, I am not making a mistake. You two are making the mistake by knocking on my door… when it is dark outside, when I am trying to put my son to sleep, and most importantly: when my door says “no soliciting” in very large letters.

Woman: is this how you treat all of your guests?

Me: you are not my guests, you are two people not paying attention to a homeowner’s request.

Man: ok, sir. Would it be better if we came back tomorrow… lets say 6?

Me: No, because the “no soliciting” sign is not going to be removed tonight.

Man: are you sure?

Me: more than sure.

Woman: wow.

nosolicitingMe: no, I should be saying “wow” to the fact that both of you decided to ignore the “No Soliciting” sign I spent my hard earned money on. You may want to get a partner who doesn’t roll her eyes at people… it may help you in the long run. Have a great night.

(door shut)

Kinsey looked at me and told me how proud she was that I did not give in and invite them in… because I normally do. haha. I told her I was proud that she didn’t say something to the woman after she rolled her eyes at me the first time… because she normally does. Good times.