Tough week, huh?! I won’t try to hide the obvious. I can honestly say that I have no idea how my brain still works, let alone, how I still manage to get out of bed lately. Losing someone near and dear to my heart is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. That said, my goal, along with the rest of the crew, is to keep this show going, keep Kidd’s Kids going and to have fun while we do it… because that is what Kidd did for so many years.

You know what helped me smile when I was feeling down? My friends, my co-workers and Kinsey. Kidd will always be tucked in the back of my mind, but if you let sorrow live inside you, it will eventually start rotting your brain. So I just focus on the fun times we had. If there is anything positive about death, it’s that you tend to let all the negatives die along. We all have friendships, and friendships do have bumps… those are gone, in my opinion. I choose to only look back at the good times. For every argument Kidd and I had (we had a big brother/father and lil brother/son type relationship), we had 1,000 incredible conversations and experiences.

Speaking of co-workers that made me laugh. Big Al Mack… my dude is doing an interview for the news, and he decides to wear a ridiculous hat on TV. It looked like a screw on a shovel. I don’t get it. You know how people say we regress back to what we were as babies? You are bald when you are born, you wear diapers, you have people feed you, you have to be cared for, etc. By the time you are 90 years old, you are bald again, you wear diapers, people feed you, and you have to be cared for again. I think Al is taking this waaaaay too seriously because he has regressed to dressing and acting like a 12 year old boy again. I would not be shocked if he bought that in the pre teen section at the GAP. But, it made me laugh. A lot.

j-si-family2Kinsey was just a good old pregnant mess.She keeps thinking she is going into labor, because she has no idea what it really feels like, due to being induced last time. So any little thing scares the crap out of her. I was woken up 3 times last night. What she said to me a few hours ago is what made me think of, drum roll… THINGS. YOU. DON’T. WANT. COMING. OUT. OF. YOUR. PREGNANT. WIFE’S. MOUTH! Did you chant it? Good.

5) “I’m going to a Courtney Love concert!”- pretty sure I can count the number of pregnant women that will be there, besides Kinsey, using zero fingers. But, that is her favorite artist… and her hormones scare me. So I did not fight it.

4) “Should we do a naked preggo photo shoot?”- No, we shouldn’t. Mostly because they are awkward to hang up around the house.

3) “Can you help me shave?”- I can barely shave myself without cutting something…

2) (during a football game) “I’m going into labor!!!”- No explanation needed. Guys like football. Ain’t nobody got time for that, during the game.

1) “Before the baby is born… Big Al and I need to tell you something, babe.”- I know what that means you did.

There ya go. Here is our baby update: Kinsey is ready to pop, I have a weird feeling that Chloe will be born on Kidd’s birthday on August 22nd. I don’t know why, I just feel it… and it has nothing to do with the bonus he offered me two weeks ago if that actually took place 🙂