I am not the betting type, but for the first time I think I predicted every single winner of the Grammys this year. I could be a much richer person today. Instead, I’m in the same boat but watching the Grammys last night just re-ignited my love for music. I get so beatdown by the judgemental people with bad music taste. I was so beatdown while on Facebook during the show seeing random people I don’t even know post things about hating Mumford and Sons and The Black Keys that I just unfriended anyone that said that. I lost sight of the fact of how much musical taste means to me and I think I possess an appreciation for all kinds of music. Sure, there are things I like more than others, but I even show country music some love despite the fact that it’s my LEAST favorite genre of music. I love it all. I just love that 2 of my favorite bands of all time have won Album of the Year when people said no way it could happen. Arcade Fire and Mumford. It’s about time truly talented and original musicians got the appreciation they deserve. I get so tired of us loving on pop stars that may be beautiful but don’t write their own music and don’t seem inspired by anything other than making money. How cool that a shy, red-headed singer-songwriter we hadn’t even heard of until the last few months gets to perform his hit with Sir Elton John. Moments like that give me chills and I’m not even part of it.

Ok, let’s get to my guilty pleasure-Rihanna. The girl is edgy, perhaps too edgy for some, but how freaking hot is she? I can’t get over what a star she is and on top of that she can really, truly sing. I think the closest I’ll ever get to her is my long red dagger nails that she inspired. Even though I can barely type because they are so long. Oh wait, I have a job and I’m not a pop star that has others type for her. JTI can pretend right? I have to say that Justin Timberlake is super talented and that’s undeniable, but didn’t Bruno Mars do that schtick at last year’s awards? It’s like Mumford inspires the Lumineers and Philip Phillips. Bruno has inspired the doo-wop oldies thing with JT and I may get judged for this, but Taylor Swift is just so boring to me. She is the sweetest and over-the-top likeable, but I just don’t get it. If you couldn’t tell, this is just my favorite awards show ever. The fashion was the best of this awards show season and I need to find a way to look as stunning as JLO when I’m twice my age.