We had a really good Father’s Day in the Rasberry fold. Daddy was the substitute Sunday school teacher yesterday so going to watch him hold court was the best present I could give him. He was waiting at the door for me, mighty impressed by the fact that I walked in at 9:15am, just like I was told! See, here’s my dilemma — I’m always 15 minutes late. People who know me and suffer me anyway know this. So when somebody tells me an event starts at :15 before or :15 after the hour, my first assumption is that they are lying about the start time by 15 minutes so I’ll show up “on time.” The last time I made this assumption was with my daddy, who told me church started at 10:45am, which automatically led me to believe I had until 11am. Not so. So here I come rolling up into preaching like the aisle is my own personal runway. I mean, why waste an opportunity to make an entrance AN ENTRANCE. But still….I can’t be doing that every week in the House of the Lord. So yesterday I gambled that 9:15 meant 9:15 because Daddy, obviously, don’t play dat. And I got it right. And then Daddy and Daughter got to make AN ENTRANCE, which couldn’t have made him prouder. And isn’t that what Father’s Day is all about? It’s just making your daddy proud. But then he embarrassed me by reading my Father’s Day card to him at loud at dinner afterward. But he was proud and all, so I didn’t make a fuss about it.

I hope every father had a great day! And I hope that those who want to be fathers and are struggling with infertility have the blessing their heart desires this time next year. We women who struggle — or have struggled — with infertility tend to be a bit more vocal with our emotions, but I have a feeling it hits some men pretty hard and they just keep those emotions bottled up inside.