Are Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Engaged?

Jared Fogle is a ‘marked’ man in prison… Iggy Azalea has forgiven Nick Young… Charlie Sheen taped confession… Diddy’s son gets a record deal… and Are Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian engaged?

Back in January, a fellow prison inmate beat Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesman whose serving more than 15 years for indecency with minors and other sordid things. That inmate confessed to prison officials that if he was given another chance, he’d kick Jared’s butt again because he HATES child molesters. So prison officials decide the only way to keep Jared safe was to move this guy to a prison in Oklahoma — about 700 miles away from Englewood’s prison facility in Colorado.

Iggy Azalea showed up for the iHeartRadio Music Awards wearing her engagement ring. So! Has she forgiven her fiancé Nick Young for telling his Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell that he cheated on her with some 19-year-old? A source told YES. Reportedly, Nick has promised not only to be faithful, but not to hang out with D’Angelo outside of his NBA responsibilities. is reporting that Charlie Sheen was caught on tape confessing that he hid his HIV-positive status from one of the women he had been with intimately. That could potentially lead to jail time. Radar is not identifying the woman, but they claim to heard the tape. On it, the woman demands to know why Charlie didn’t tell her he was HIV-positive. He shouted at her, “Because it’s none of your (BLANKING) business, okay?!” The woman was obviously distraught, asking Charlie again why he didn’t tell her. He said, “Every time I tell somebody, they (BLANKING) took money from my children and nothing happened to them, okay?” California law makes it a crime to “willfully expose yourself to another person if you are afflicted with a disease that is contagious, infectious or communicable.” According to one attorney, Charlie could face six months in jail and a $1000 fine for each time he exposed the woman to HIV.

For his 18th birthday, Diddy has signed his son Christian Combs to his Bad Boy Entertainment record label. Diddy made the announcement on his Instagram, showing his son sitting next to LA Reid, signing the dotted line. He captioned it, “NEW DEAL ALERT!!! Everyone wish my son @KingCombs a happy birthday & CONGRATS on signing that record deal!!” So don’t call him Christian. Call him KING!

Are they serious? How do we know for sure? Blac Chyna posted a picture on Instagram showing her wearing a massive diamond ring on her left hand, squeezing Rob Kardashian’s cheesey-grinned face with the other. She captioned it,  “YES !…!…!” And Chyna’s mom also posted a picture congratulating the couple, saying, “I am so excited!! I am happy for you guys!!!” How did the Kardashians respond? I don’t know. The same day Rob and Chyna made the announcement, Rob’s family boarded a jet and took off on a surprise vacation planned by Kris Jenner.

YES !…!…!

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