Did Taylor Swift Have Kanye West Removed?

Snoop Dogg happenings… Meghan Markle announces podcast deal… Jennifer Lopez on performing with Ayo Edebiri on SNL… Charter flight… and Did Taylor Swift have Kanye West removed?

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Snoop Dogg and Master P are suing Walmart and Post Consumer Brands for hiding their Snoop Cereal in stockrooms and keeping them off the shelves in an attempt to sabotage their brand. Meantime, Snoop is partnering up with Dr. Dre for a line of alcoholic beverages inspired by their 1994 hit Gin & Juice. Get ready for Gin & Juice by Dre and Snoop — canned ready-to-drink cocktails that come in four mouth-watering flavors — citrus, melon, passionfruit, and apricot. But that’s not all! Last year, Dre and Snoop filed several trademarks, including one for “Vodka & Juice.”

The USA Network series Suits became a huge hit when it started streaming last year, so the show creator had no choice but to give us a spinoff. We know that Arrow actor Stephen Amell will lead the cast of Suits: LA, but if you were hoping Meghan Markle would pop back up as Rachel Zane, that’s ain’t happening. She’s stepped away from the world of acting, but she’s stepping back in to the world of podcasting. Last year, Meghan and Prince Harry parted ways with Spotify, three years after signing a $20M deal that produced a whopping 12 episodes of her Archetypes podcast. Yesterday, it was announced that Meghan has signed a new podcast deal with Lemonada Media, a female-founded company that’s less than 5 years old, but already produces more than 40 podcasts hosted by big names like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sarah Silverman, and now Meghan Markle. In addition to Meghan’s new podcast, Lemonade will also distribute the old episodes of her previous podcast.

Jennifer Lopez told Variety that before she performed as the musical guest on SNL, host Ayo Edebiri came to her dressing room and tearfully apologized for things she said in an old podcast interview. Back in 2020, Ayo was a guest on Scam Goddess and said JLo’s singing career was “one long scam.” Ayo said, “She thinks she’s on multiple tracks, but it’s not her. I think she thinks that she’s still good even though, like, she’s not singing for most of these songs.” When her comments came back to bite her, Jennifer said, “(Ayo) came to my dressing room and apologized with tears in her eyes, saying how terrible it was that she had said those things. She felt really badly and loved my performance because we had just done my soundcheck and she actually got to hear me perform. She was just like, ‘I’m so (BLANKING) sorry, it was so awful of me.’” Jennifer graciously let Ayo off the hook, telling Variety, “It’s funny. I’ve heard similar things said about me throughout my career, so it really didn’t affect me.”

The NFL shared a video on X of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrating on the field after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win. Travis told Taylor, Thank you for the support. Thank you for coming. Thank you for making it halfway across the world. You’re the best, baby.” That got me thinking….how much did that trip halfway around the world cost? It’s unclear whether she took her own private jet or chartered a bigger one that could more easily make the flight non-stop. But IF she chartered a Gulfstream 800, for instance, that would cost Taylor around $16,500/hour. If she went with the Bombardier 8000, it would cost a little more — about $20K. Crossing all those time zones meant she spent about 7.5 hours in the air, meaning this flight could’ve cost her a minimum of a quarter million dollars.

Kim Kardashian is getting slammed for her boring Super Bowl suite. Besides her sisters, there were a bunch of heavy hitters posted up in there, including Justin and Hailey Bieber, Russell and Ciara Wilson, Winnie Harlow….Kendall’s ex-Devin Booker sneaked in there, too! But when cameras cut to the suite, Kim’s guests couldn’t have looked less enthusiastic — especially that guy asleep in his seat. Compare that to Taylor Swift’s crew, hooting and hollering and slamming drinks. Speaking of Taylor, podcaster Brandon Marshall claimed that Taylor got Kanye kicked out of his Super Bowl seat because it was right in front of her suite. Kanye’s rep told TMZ, “This is a completely fabricated rumor. It is not true.” First of all, Kanye wouldn’t be sitting in a regular seat. But even though he wasn’t invited, Kanye and and his wife Bianca made it into the Raising Cane’s suite, which was filled to the brim with A-listers including Todd Graves’ bestie Post Malone, Vince Vaughn, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, the D’Amelio family, Ashanti and Nelly, Diplo, Wayne Gretzky, Tiffany Haddish, Tobey Maguire and his best friend Leonardo DiCaprio. Sources say Leo gave Kanye the cold shoulder. These two were buddies back in the day. Back in 2013, Kanye performed a surprise show for Leo at his 39th birthday party in Vegas. And when Leo won an Oscar for Revenant in 2016, Kanye tweeted, “Finally!!! Our guy!!! We’re so so happy for Leo!!!”


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