Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes Confirmed Their Romance

Ezekiel Elliott takes fight to federal court… Beyonce didn’t get the Houston Rockets… Peter listed as number one… Taylor Swift performing during halftime… and Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes confirmed their romance

The NFL has decided to stick with the punishment already handed down, and Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott has to sit out six games. Despite his efforts to appeal, the NFL said their was “substantial evidence” that he was physically violent with his then-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson. But interesting to note, the NFL-appointed arbitrator denied a request to have Tiffany testify during the appeal proceedings and he also refused to allow the notes and materials the NFL gathered in their interviews with Tiffany to be admitted. The Cowboys will now take their fight to federal court.

Beyonce didn’t get at least one thing she wanted for her birthday — a basketball team. Last month, it was being reported that Beyonce was interested in buying the Houston Rockets, but ESPN is reporting that the team has been sold instead to this billionaire restaurant guy named Tilman Fertitta for $2.2 billion — a record sales price for an NBA franchise. The now previous Rockets owner Leslie Alexander paid $83 million back in 1993. Tilman reportedly is worth $3 billion. If you ever watch CNBC, he stars in the reality show “Billion Dollar Buyer.” Tilman also owns Landry’s, Inc., which includes a ton of restaurants like Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company, Saltgrass Steak and Morton’s. He also owns the Golden Nugget Casinos and Hotels. And now he owns the Houston Rockets! Sorry, Bey!

WHO IS GOING TO BE THE NEXT BACHELOR??? On Monday, Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss tweeted that he won’t be from JoJo’s season, so if anybody was still holding out hope for Luke, sorry about that. And Wells was also a part of JoJo’s season, so he’s out, too. Then Mike tweeted the latest power rankings. He had Peter listed as number one, followed by Wells, Ben Z, Eric and Chase. My first question was, Why was Wells on the list if he was part of JoJo’s season? And my second question was, Who are Ben Z and Chase? Bachelor fans know, so it doesn’t matter. But a lot of them freaked out because Rachel Reject Dean wasn’t on the list. Mike decided to just squash their dreams altogether by tweeting, “Dean will not be #TheBachelor this year, at least…” And remember how a while back, Mike pretty much flat out said that there was no way Peter would be the next Bachelor after he didn’t follow the rules and propose to Rachel? It looks like he’s had a change of heart because he tweeted that “all options are on the table.” However, that’s not true because what about Dean and all those guys JoJo didn’t want?? Anyway, Mike promised the big reveal will be shocking and said they might make the announcement on Good Morning America. But Chris Harrison says he’s pushing for them to let him make the announcement during the Miss America Pageant, which he’s hosting on September 10, the night before the “Bachelor in Paradise” season finale.

Sources are reporting that Taylor Swift will be performing during halftime at the College Football National Championship in Atlanta on January 8. One source told Entertainment Tonight, “ESPN has her booked for the event and has a massive deal to release new music from (her new album) Reputation through its college football coverage this season.” Performing at the National Football Championship is awesome, but isn’t Taylor Swift Super Bowl material? Yes, she is! But Taylor can’t perform there because she’s endorsed by Coke and the Super Bowl is sponsored by Pepsi.

They’re finally free! After years of secrecy, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes confirmed their romance by taking a long walk on the beach in Malibu! If you want to see the pictures, go to TMZ. You can see Jamie and Katie holding hands and playing in the surf together. Afterward they went back to a beach house where they stood on the balcony and gazed out at the ocean. OF COURSE they knew they were being photographed. This was their coming out announcement! Sources say these two started dating a year after her divorce from Tom Cruise, but he had it written in their divorce agreement that she couldn’t publicly date anyone for five years. And FINALLY, time is up!


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