Prince Harry & Meghan Set Royal Wedding Date

Celebrities plan to wear black… Kenya Moore is out of RHOA… Jennifer Hudson’s ex-fiance is ruining her career… Robin Roberts throwing shade on Omarosa… and Prince Harry and Meghan set royal wedding date

It will look more like they’re going to a glamorous funeral than an awards show, but Entertainment Weekly is reporting that “many major actresses” plan to wear black as they walk the red carpet at the Golden Globes. It’s meant to show their solidarity as they protest sexual harassment in Hollywood. By the way, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, they’ve announced that they will only have female presenters. is reporting that Real Housewives of Atlanta is kicking Kenya Moore out after this season. First, she got married in secret, and then she refused to bring her new husband on the show. While producers were trying to convince her to bring him on, the only thing she allowed them to film was her phone call to her dad, which was fake because she’d already told him at that point. They ended up fining Kenya $25K because she held up filming and they had deadlines to meet. Finally, producers had enough. They banned her from the cast trip to Spain, which cost her $100K of her salary. And a source says she won’t be invited back next year.

Jennifer Hudson claims her ex-fiance’s lies about her parenting — or lack thereof — are ruining her career. She claims David Otunga “or a third party on his behalf” have been leaking false stories about her to the press, and she has now asked a judge for an emergency protection order to keep David from running his mouth. She also wants him found in contempt for violating a confidentiality agreement. Jennifer and David have an 8-year-old son together.

Before I get to this story, let me just say that Robin Roberts throwing shade on Omarosa was EVERYTHING. So Omarosa was either fired or she left the White House and then went straight to the media. So during her interview with Good Morning America, Omarosa basically said she left on her own after seeing some things that made her “very uncomfortable” and said she would reveal more when she is allowed to do that. Cut to Robin Roberts who said that Omarosa “has a story to tell and I’m sure she will be selling that story.” And then she added the ultimate diss — “Bye, Felicia.” Omarosa said that was petty and now she’s declared a “black woman civil war” on Robin.

Omarosa Responds to Robin Roberts’ ‘Bye Felicia’ Remark

We have a wedding date! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be married on May 19, 2018, at. St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, and NOT on Memorial Day Weekend, as people originally guessed. But it IS on a Saturday!!! YAY for those of us who care here in the US!! But people in England are sharing my enthusiasm. It turns out the wedding is happening the same day as the FA Cup Final, and Prince William — who will be Harry’s best man — happens to be the FA’s president. Oh well! And in another sign of how much things have changed for the Royals, the Archbishop of Canterbury will perform the ceremony for the prince and the American divorcee. But before her wedding day, Megan will have to be baptized by the Church of England and become a British citizen.


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