“The Fall Guy” disappointed at the Box Office… CBS is bringing back ‘Hollywood Squares’… Travis Kelce at Kentucky Derby… The Drake & Kendrick Lamar beef and The Tom Brady Roast

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The Fall Guy was projected to earn between $30M-$40M. It fell just short with $28.5M, but still enough for a first place finish. The movie cost $140M to produce so hopefully word of mouth will keep this in theaters for a long time. In honor of May the Fourth, Disney and LucasFilm re-released 1999’s Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, which came in second with $8.1M. Third place went to last week’s number one, Challengers, which added another $7.65M to its coffers for a grand total of $29.4M in its first two weekends of release. The only other new movie opening this weekend was Tarot which debuted in fourth with $6.5M. This one only cost $8M to make so the studio is very pleased. Rounding out the top five this weekend was Godzilla x Kong: A New Empire, with $4.5 million in its sixth weekend of release. It’s taken in $188M domestically and $546M globally, making it the year’s second-highest-grossing movie. That title belongs to Dune: Part Two with over $705M globally.

In game show news, in honor of its 25th anniversary, ABC is bringing back Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. In this version, pairs of celebrities will compete for up to $1M, which will go to the charity of their choice. Jimmy Kimmel — who hosted the revival in 2020 and 2021 — is back as host. Look for it on July 10. And starting in early 2025, CBS is bringing back Hollywood Squares. So far, only Drew Barrymore has signed on to be the center square.

Page Six’s exclusive source couldn’t have been more wrong. Taylor Swift will not be at the Met Gala tonight. She hopped on her private jet Friday and took off for Paris, where her Eras Tour picks up again on Thursday. It remains to be seen if Travis Kelce shows up. He’s been showing up solo since Taylor jetted off. Friday night, he was partying with Alex from the Chainsmokers and former NBA star Chandler Parsons at the Kentucky Derby. After catching the Derby on Saturday, Travis headed off to Miami for the F1 races. Travis is an investor in the Alpine F1 team.

Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s feud started brewing more than a decade ago, but it’s boiling over now. At first, things between the two of them were good. In 2011, Kendrick was featured on Drake’s second album and then opened for him on tour. Drake then popped up on Kendrick’s second album. But in 2013, Kendrick was featured on Big Sean’s Control, rapping about how he wanted to “murder” a lot of artists, including Drake, but also Big Sean, who had a sense of humor about it. But that started the back-and-forth between Drake and Kendrick that continues to this day. Last month, Drake released Taylor Made Freestyle, using AI to include the voices of Snoop Dogg and Tupac to call out Kendrick. Kendrick responded with Euphoria, going hard at Drake over his ethnicity and credibility. A couple days later, Kendrick dropped 6:16 in LA, taking more shots at Drake and his record label. Drake responded with Family Matters, accusing Kendrick of beating and being unfaithful to his fiancée. Kendrick hit back the next day with Meet the Grahams, calling Drake a deadbeat dad who hides a secret daughter, for cosmetic surgeries, for drug, alcohol and gambling problems. Less than 24 hours later, Kendrick dropped Not Like Us and called Drake of being a pedophile! Late last night, Drake released The Heart Part 6, saying he made up having a daughter just to see if Kendrick would fall for it. He also denies being a pedophile. Then he doubled down accusing Kendrick of beating up his fiancée and suggests one of their children might actually be fathered by Kendrick’s buddy Dave Free. It sounds like Drake is ready to wrap this feud up, though, saying he’s glad they got to do this. We’ll see what Monday brings!

As part of Netflix is a Joke Fest, Tom Brady shockingly agreed to be the butt of the Greatest Roast of All Time, which aired live on Netflix. Kevin Hart hosted along with Toastmaster Jeff Ross. Some of the roasters included Tom’s former teammates Drew Bledsoe, Randy Moss, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. The jokes were brutal, but Tom thought Jeff Ross went a little too far when he made a joke about offering Patriots owner Robert Kraft a massage. He actually got up from his seat and warned Jeff, “Don’t say that s*** again.” But that’s the only time Tom objected. He sat there while merciless jokes were made about his ex-wife Gisele, his crypto scandal, deflating footballs, his sexuality, and Aaron Hernandez’s suicide. Among the most talked about moments are Gronk smashing a shot glass to the ground, sending shards of glass into the audience, and Kim Kardashian getting booed. I was surprised by the bombing of surprise roasters Ron Burgundy and Ben Affleck, but blown away by surprise roaster Peyton Manning! If you don’t have 3 hours to spend watching it repeat on Netflix, Variety.com compiled a list of what they believer were the 27 best jokes of the night.


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