I actually did not have a bad birthday at all. No, we did not go out and got all nutty, we stayed in. Kinsey actually surprised me with my second super manly possession (Big Al bought me a tool box for Christmas). What did Kinsey buy me? A propane grill! Yesssssssir! I am now a dude who can fix your door, hang a picture, and then cook some meat… unless you want that meat cooked on my birthday. We had some weather yesterday. Ok, it was more of a monsoon. Kinsey came home with my new grill around 6:30 pm, and she surprised me with a lil mini party with my buddies Reggie and Paul, who had not seen each other in a couple of months because of a lil disagreement. I was actually super impressed that she managed to do that because you know how guys can be all stubborn. So now I was faced with two choices:

1. cook the meat for my surprise party involving two people, which was totally fine, inside and avoid any sort of weather disaster.
2. be a stud and cook it outside even though the wind was kickin it in full effect… and some really dark clouds were rollin in.

Guess what I did? I cooked outside like a stud. Guess what happened? Mother Nature whooped my butt. The rain came down… HARD! My steaks were not fully cooked… and got wet. The chicken was as raw… and wet. Also, I am pretty sure that some parts of my new grill that are not supposed to get wet, got wet.

I did spend the whole day wondering if my mom and sister would completely skip my birthday. My mom actually sent me a text. It was just a plain “happy birthday.” text. I guess that’s better than nothing. My sister skipped contacting me, all together. Good times.

Now for the juicy stuff! What do you do when one of your best friends in the world gets engaged… to a chick you dont like at all? My buddy has been dating this girl for about 5 years. This is my best friend from childhood, and was a groomsman at my wedding along with my best man, Frank. Frank and I have never liked our boy’s girlfriend. They are that couple that is always fighting… always. She had him set up three skype sessions a day during my bachelor party. One in the morning, one at lunch, and one at night. So he was constantly leaving us to go skype while we were having fun and implementing the “no talking to girls” rule. The skype thing apparently is something that is in effect whenever he travels because he had to do the same during our high school reunion. The funny thing is that Frank and I were planning to have a “girlfriend intervention” with our buddy because they had a huge blowup fight during Frank’s New Year’s party. Frank and I talked about having this intervention while I was back home. It was going to happen… not anymore. He told us he proposed. So do we still have this intervention, do we speak up when the preacher says, “speak now, or forever hold your breath”? We are stumped. I think he knows we are not really excited about her as his girl, but I dont think he knows that we actually dont like her at all. In the time she has been with my friend, I have only met her twice (and I didnt really talk to her both times because they were too busy fighting), she didnt come to my wedding (which is a rule you follow if you want your man’s friends to love you), and she has not attempted to friend me on facebook (which is also a rule you follow if you want your man’s friends to begin to like you). I hate to say it, but if they get married, this girl will eat my boy alive, and… I know this is harsh… but, I think it will end in the “d” word. Dictatorship. This means she will tell him what he can and can’t do and who he can and can’t hang out with. Oh wait, that already happens. Burn! We are screwed.