Crazy Quarantine Purchases

Ana is happy to show off those new clothes that she bought before quarantine… but what are some crazy purchases that you made while you were stuck at home? Listen to “Crazy Quarantine Purchases” on Spreaker.

Big Al’s Showbiz Top 5

Jeopardy update… Kevin O’Leary’s wife is facing a charge… Lenny Kravitz find his missing sunglasses… College admission bribery scandal… and Viral star’s racist tweets VIDEO   AUDIO   Jason is officially halfway to a million bucks! Tune in tomorrow to see if he can continue the run. — Jeopardy!

A Creature Of Habit

Man, if I actually make the move to Waxahachie, it will be a serious change to my routine. I’ve lived in Downtown/Uptown for 10 years. And, I have looked at a few places in Waxahachie that I really like. Now, if you don’t know, I am a creature of habit.

It Was All Worth It

It was the busiest weekend that I have had at my restaurant since I have been open. So, that’s why I decided to stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Waxahachie so I could be close by and I could take a short rest break if I needed to. Well,