As a dad, I have been getting ready for certain stages in my kid’s lives. I was ready for the Chloe crawling to start, which means Kinsey and I have to switch up the way we play defense against the kids, due to the increased mobility factor. I was ready for the Cason naked stage… duct tape works wonders. I was ready for the Chloe teething stage, where she wakes up during the night. I am ready for the Cason “repeats every word you say, so don’t curse” stage… but, I was not ready for this stage: The “what is that?” stage.

Sure, sounds cute! Lil boy asking you about things in the world. Its cute until you hear our 10 minute conversation that went on yesterday:

balloon-on-a-stringed-door-knob(there is a balloon hanging on the doorknob in our family room)

Cason: whats that?

Me: It’s a balloon.

Cason: baboon? ohhh. Whats that?

Me: That’s the doorknob we tied the string to, so it doesn’t float away.

Cason: yeah… foat. Whats that?

Me: that is the door.

Cason: knock, knock. Hi! Whats that?

Me: That is the door hinge… so the door can open and close.

Cason: yeah! Whats that?

Me: that the door frame… just a door frame.

Cason: whats that?

Me: it’s the wall… and just incase you are wondering, that is the floor.

Cason: whats that?

Me: the floor.

Cason: no. (pointing at the floor) whats that?

Me: wood… and a bunch of wood makes the floor.

Cason: woo! whats that?

Me: thats the TV.

Cason: Booka? (Thats what he calls Mickey Mouse)

Me: yup, you watch Booka on it.

Cason: yeah. Whats that?

Me: I gotta go to the bathroom.

Cason: ok, papa.

I walk out, and as I am heading to the room, I hear “papa? whats that?”

Hey, at least he has not learned the dreaded follow-up question: “why?” Cup half full.