Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Are Engaged!

Eternals will release exclusively in theaters… Cesar Millan’s pit bull allegedly killed… BLACKPINK is breaking records… Conor McGregor & MGK get into fight… and Britney Spears & Sam Asghari are engaged!

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Disney announced new plans for the releases of the rest of the movies on their slate this year. With the surge of the Delta variant, several studios have pushed releases back or stuck to a hybrid theatrical / streaming release. The success of “Shang-Chi” has led to a new strategy for Disney. Most of the upcoming movies on Disney’s slate will be getting exclusive theatrical releases, which means no more streaming new movies for an extra $30 on Disney+. The remaining movies this year include “Eternals” and “West Side Story.”

Celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan is facing serious accusations. A woman named Lidia Matiss is suing Cesar, claiming that back in 2017, his pit bull attacked her, repeatedly biting her legs, and ruined her gymnastics career. Lidia’s mom worked for Cesar at the time of this alleged incident. She claims that even though Cesar knew the dog was violent, he allowed it to wander the halls freely. Lidia claims she was visiting her mom at work when she was attacked. At the time, Lidia was performing at the highest level in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics Program and was being actively recruited by the University of Pennsylvania. The dog attack changed everything and now she’s suing for unspecified damages. In her lawsuit, Lidia claims that the pit bull not only bit several other people and dogs, it even killed one of Queen Latifah’s dogs who was being trained by Cesar! The lawsuit claims Cesar instructed his employees to lie to Queen Latifah and tell her the dog had been hit by a car.

K-Pop is taking over, y’all. Boyband BTS and girl group Blackpink are breaking records left and right. Blackpink just surpassed 65.2M subscribers on YouTube, surpassing Justin Bieber to become the most subscribed artist. They launched their YouTube channel five years and three months ago. The Biebs’ channel was launched 14 years and nine months ago.

Who knew the most exciting part of the MTV VMAs would take place on the red carpet? Things got close to ugly between Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor. We’re not 100 percent sure what led to their argument, but both of them were posing with their lovely ladies when some say Conor asked MGK for a picture, which MGK refused. Words were exchanged and Megan Fox stepped in between the guys to calm things down. As she and MGK walked away, Conor threw his drink at them. Later, Conor’s spokesman issued a statement, “Conor McGregor did not ask anyone for a picture, nor did he instigate this incident. He does not know Machine Gun Kelly, outside of the fact that he attended Conor’s fight this past July.” The spokesman later added, “Reports have suggested that words were exchanged and the situation escalated to the point where Kelly pushed McGregor, who then stumbled back and spilled his drink.” Maybe we’ll eventually learn the truth. Anyway, the VMAs kicked off with a surprise appearance by Madonna, who welcomed everyone and wished MTV a happy 40th birthday. And then MTV surprised us with Jennifer Lopez, who presented the first award of the night — Song of the Year — to Olivia Rodrigo for “Driver’s License.” Olivia also won Best New Artist. But what had most people talking was Billie Eilish’s lack of interest that JLo was on the stage. Billie reportedly spent a lot of time during the show talking to Travis Scott, who is taking heat for forgetting to thank Kylie Jenner in his acceptance speech for Best Hip Hop Video. Group of the Year went to BTS. Justin Bieber returned to the VMA stage for the first time since 2015, and ended up winning Best Pop Video for “Peaches” and Artist of the Year. Lil Nas X won Video of the Year for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name.)”

I wasn’t so sure at first, but it’s for real. Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are engaged! Britney and Sam first met in October 2016 on the set of her music video for “Slumber Party” video and have have dated ever since. Earlier this year, we heard Britney testify that all she wanted to do was have her boyfriend driver her around in a car and have a baby, but couldn’t because of her conservatorship. Now that the conservatorship is coming to an end, she and Sam can finally plan a life together! Sam designed Britney’s ring with NYC designer Roman Malayev. Sam said in a statement, “Every designer I spoke with about the ring was amazing with great ideas, but I just clicked with Roman — we really connected on the design and he was as excited as I was to make it special — that’s why I chose him.” What they came up with was a 4-carat round brilliant cut diamond in a platinum cathedral setting with a floating solitaire. “Lioness” is engraved on the inside of the band, which is Sam’s nickname for Britney.

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