‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ returns… Celebrity real estate… Ethan Hawke hiding cameo… The roast ring… and Britney Spears threatening to evict mother

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In TV and streaming news — ABC is bringing back Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The original — which was hosted by Ty Pennington — aired from 2004 to 2012. HGTV tried to revive it in 2020, when it was hosted by Modern Family’s Jessie Tyler Ferguson. For this go round, the the series will be hosted by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin — who cofounded The Home Edit lifestyle brand which led to them hosting Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix. Look for it later this year. Coming up Tuesday, May 14, Caitlin Clark’s WNBA debut will stream on Disney+ as Caitlin’s Indiana Fever faces off against the Connecticut Sun. Also, the Phoenix Mercury will face the Las Vegas Aces. Both games will also be available on ESPN+, and on ESPN2, but these WNBA games are the first non-animated live sports event ever to stream on Disney+.

In celebrity real estate news, the LA home Matthew Perry bought just months before he passed away is on the market. The 2793-square-foot, 3BR mid-century home in the Hollywood Hills has been listed for just under $5.2M. Matthew passed away before he ever got to move into this home. Steve-O is moving full-time to his ranch in Tennessee, so he’s selling his home in the Hollywood Hills. He made the announcement on his YouTube channel, saying, “Hollywood, it’s been cool, but I’m out.” Steve-O also gives us the grand tour of his house 3BR/3BA home, featuring a surprise cameo by Tony Hawk. Steve-O bought this 2398-square-foot home in the Hollywood Hills back in 2014 for $1.2M. He’s now asking for just under $1.8M. Steve-O had to do some major renovations before listing it, getting rid of the game room, skate ramp and goats. He kept the goat barn, though.

Ethan Hawke was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and he talked about his top-secret appearance with Josh Charles in Taylor Swift’s video for Fortnight. Way back in 1989, Ethan and Josh starred in The Tortured Poets Society, so Taylor thought it only made sense to have them appear in a video for the lead single off her The Tortured Poets Department album. Ethan said he and Josh felt like they were going to meet the Queen and laughed themselves silly all day. Ethan said he tried to look low-key, but Josh went full rock star asking, “Hey, you guys got any sushi?” Suddenly, things were in motion and Ethan said the two of them had the best sushi in their lives! Because they also had to sign NDAs, Ethan couldn’t even tell his daughters about it. But rather than being excited when they finally saw their dad in Taylor’s video, Ethan said, “The truth is when they did find out, the look on their face was one of profound disappointment.”

It almost seemed like an afterthought, but at the end of The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady, Keven Hart reached under the podium and gifted Tom with a ring, which Tom immediately put on and that was the end of the show. Well, as it turns out, Kevin commissioned the $40K ring from celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, who also designed Tom’s 2021 Super Bowl ring. This one is just as big! It’s a massive yellow-gold ring featuring a football being trailed by flames of rubies with diamonds and sapphires surrounding it. Above the football, BRADY is spelled out in gold with GROAT (Greatest Roast of All Time) written across the bottom. On one side, 2024 is featured above a gold goat, while the other side, BRADY is above a diamond-studded No. 12 with the letters LFG, which stands for Tom’s catchphrase, “Let’s (BLANKING) go!”

It turns out Britney Spears wasn’t being paranoid that her mother called paramedics to check on her at the Chateau Marmont. The Daily Mail is reporting that Britney was at the hotel with her boyfriend Paul Soliz when she started doing cartwheels and twisted her ankle. Their source said, “Britney was crying in pain and she called Lynne in Louisiana to tell her what had happened. At the time, Lynne was the only one who knew that she had hurt herself….Lynne asked Britney if she was OK mentally and Britney told her mom that she was fine and it was just her ankle. (But) Lynne called 911 and told them that Britney was having a breakdown and had injured herself. She knew that Britney was in a traumatized state.” Britney reportedly had a massive panic attack when the paramedics arrived, perhaps PTSD from 2008, when paramedics took her to the hospital where she was placed on a 5150 hold and she ended up in a 13-year conservatorship. Sources say Britney is so upset with her mom that she wants to sell the mansion she built for her in Kentwood back in 2001 and kick her out. Another source told the Daily Mail now Lynne us is desperate to repair her relationship with Britney because she may end up homeless!


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