Busy Philipps QVC talk show… Rachel Lindsay’s estranged husband… Bethenny Frankel & fiancé break up… Rihanna is surprise no-show at Met Gala… and Ex-wife Gisele Bündchen is NOT HAPPY

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Busy Philipps had a late-night talk show on E! called Busy Tonight that ran from October 2018 to May 2019. She was BEYOND ticked off when it was canceled. Busy is now getting a second chance with her new late-night talk show, Busy This Week, which debuts tomorrow night on QVC. Yes, QVC! And it’s streamer, QVC+. According to the press release, “During each half-hour episode, viewers will join Busy on the couch to get an unscripted take on whatever has kept us busy this week. From celebrity guest interviews and laugh-out-loud moments to personal stories and her favorite curated shopping finds, Busy will give her audience a healthy dose of (retail) therapy.” But in addition to all that, everything on Busy’s set will be for sale, from the set decor to what she and her cohost will be wearing. The show launches tomorrow night at 10pm ET, with the first 10 episodes released on Wednesdays. Then there will be four holiday-themed episodes premiering in November and December.

Season 13 Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay gave her final rose to Bryan Abasolo and these two actually made it down the aisle. But back in January, Bryan filed for divorce after 4 years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. Bryan has now filed paperwork asking for spousal support ASAP because being married to Rachel left him in dire straits. In his filing Bryan said he put his career as a chiropractor on hold to support Rachel’s career as an entertainment personality. While her career skyrocketed, Bryan said he only earned $16K last year. Bryan says he can’t afford to move out of the house they share, which he described as “very awkward and strained.” But he also is incredibly awkward. But he also says Rachel is trying to claim the house is all hers, even though Bryan says they both contributed to the down payment from their communal funds. Right now, he’s asking for Rachel to cover $50K in his attorney’s fees and another $25K in forensic accountant fees “to compete with Rachel’s litigation team and secure my entitlement to one-half of our community property.”

Bethenny Frankel was married to Jason Hoppy for a little over two years, but it took them 8 years to finalize their divorce! While she was battling that out, Bethenny was feeling lonely, so she signed up for a dating app. In September 2018, she met film producer Paul Bernon. He proposed in February 2021, pretty much the minute after Bethenny’s divorce from Jason was finalized. We don’t know how far along they got in the wedding planning, but Paul hasn’t appeared on Bethenny’s Instagram since March and she hasn’t been wearing her engagement ring lately, leading many to believe it’s over.

Everybody is talking about the Met Gala fashion, but let’s talk about who wasn’t there. A lot of people were wondering why Blake Lively was a no-show. It turns out, she and Ryan Reynolds decided to stay home with the kids. And while Rihanna had every intention of going, she came down with the flu. And even though a lot of people were blown away by what Katy Perry was wearing on the red carpet, it turns out, that was an AI-generated image that tens of thousands of people fell for, including Katy’s own mother!

Of course the women in Tom Brady’s life have feelings about what was said during his roast Sunday night. Bridget Moynahan — who shares 16-year-old son Jack with Tom — discovered she was pregnant 2 months after they broke up and he’d already moved on with Gisele Bündchen. She shared a quote on Instagram yesterday that read: “Loyal people take s*** more personal because they never would’ve did that s*** to you.” She captioned it, “So true.” Bridget and Tom’s son Jack is now 16. And a source told People that Gisele is “deeply disappointed by the disrespectful portrayal of her family.” But another source told In Touch Gisele “isn’t just furious with the people who roasted Tom and made fun of her, she’s livid with Tom for even agreeing to doing it. He knew the jokes would be cruel and aimed at his marriage and at her, but he did it anyway. She blames Tom for not even taking her or their children into consideration.” The source added, “The jokes hit below the belt any they made it look like Gisele cheated, which she’s been desperately trying to deny. I know she has a temper and I’m sure she called Tom and let him have it.” Tom and Gisele share 14-year-old Benjamin and 11-year-old Vivian.


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