Kevin Hart Is Beefing Up His Lady Security

OJ Simpson signing sports memorabilia… New Bachelor spinoff… Simon Cowell wants to ban kids from AGT… Ryan Seacrest’s no-show… and Kevin Hart is beefing up his lady security

OJ Simpson spent hours holed up in a Las Vegas room the past couple nights, signing tons of sports memorabilia, including USC and Buffalo Bills helmets. TMZ has grainy pictures of it to prove it. They say this stuff will most likely be sold to auctioneers. Now, if OJ earns any money, it’s subject to seizure because he now owes the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman $100 MILLION!!!! Originally, the judgment was for $33.5 million, but after 22 years, the interest has tripled what he owes. And if OJ tries to get paid under the table, he’d be violating federal tax laws, which means his parole can be revoked.

If you were upset that Peter Kraus wasn’t named the Bachelor, this might make you feel a little bit better. Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss tweeted that Peter will be on a new spinoff called The Bachelor Winter Games. This new show will follow your Bachelor and Bachelorette favorites as they compete in athletic challenges while all living together at a luxurious winter resort. But Mike says there will be a lot of faces you won’t recognize because they’re going to bring in some “sexy international Bachelor and Bachelorettes from the dozens of countries that also produce #TheBachelor.” Look for it in February.

Naughty Gossip is reporting that Simon Cowell wants to ban kids from competing on “America’s Got Talent.” He’s worried that the show is turning into a kiddie talent show, and who can blame him! This year, the two finalists were kids and a kid won last year, too. A source said, “The fear is that next year no one older than 15 will even bother auditioning. The most talented adult in America doesn’t stand a chance against a child with a homemade puppet. Now Simon is stepping in to fix the problem. It doesn’t take anything away from the folks that have already won, but next season is going to be very different with new rules.”

American Idol is back up and running, with the first judges auditions happening in NYC. Yesterday, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie all went on Good Morning America to give us a little taste of their chemistry. But even though he was in all the promos leading up to the GMA appearance, host Ryan Seacrest was a no-show. Sources told Page Six it’s all because the night before, his Live! With Kelly and Ryan co-host Kelly Ripa threw a fit. Her former co-host Michael Strahan is over there and we all know how she feels about him after he blindsided her with his announcement that he was leaving Live! for GMA. Ryan decided that it would be in his best interest to stay on Kelly’s good side, so he opted out of the appearance. Of course, Kelly’s rep says none of this is true.

The judges for the first season of “American Idol” on ABC also answered audience questions.

After being caught cheating on his very pregnant wife, Kevin Hart is beefing up his security….to keep the ladies away from him!! Naughty Gossip’s source says that even if it’s just an innocent picture with a female fan, the LAST thing Kevin needs right now is for a picture of him with any beautiful young woman who is not his wife popping up on the internet. This source told Naughty Gossip, “If you are pretty and a woman you have more chance of getting into the Yankees’ locker room at the moment than getting close to Kevin Hart.”


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