Usher Posted A Nude To His Snapchat Story

The Hunger Games Auction… Justin Bieber is 2nd most-followed on Twitter… Ronald Reagan’s family upset with Will Ferrell… Prince’s siblings are fighting… and Usher posted a nude to his snapchat story

If you are a huge Hunger Games fan, then you will love this! On May 20, you can own a piece of the movie franchise! It’s the World of The Hunger Games Auction! Featuring 500 authentic costumes! Props! Set pieces! All four movies will be represented! According to the auctioneer, it’s all about the bows! Pieces like Katniss’ signature silver bow and quiver from “Catching Fire” should sell for big money. The auctioneer says he could see a bow bringing in $50K, easily. “They’re that cool.”

Justin Bieber just passed the 80 million mark on Twitter, making him the second most-followed person on Twitter behind Katy Perry, with 87.7 million. Taylor Swift is third with 76.3 million. According to Twitter, Justin’s most popular tweet dates back to January 2014, right after he was charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license. He tweeted, “YOU ARE ALL WORTHY NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS >> BE STRONG GOD IS WITH US ALL> MY BELIEBERS CHANGED MY LIFE> I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL.” That one got more than 167K retweets and 412K likes.

Ronald Reagan’s family is very upset with Will Ferrell for producing and starring in the movie “Reagan” — a comedy about our late president’s battle with Alzheimer’s. They’re fail to see the humor in it. Ron and Nancy Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis told Page Six, “There’s nothing funny about Alzheimer’s…This is a heartless move by Will Ferrell. It is a script that has been around for a while, and I am sure with my mother’s passing, somebody thought this was a ‘great time’ to make this movie.” She said that after he father was diagnosed, what broke her heart was “the look in his eyes, the sadness and the fear. It is unbelievable that someone could make somebody’s suffering into a comedy. If enough people say this is not funny, perhaps we can stop it.” “Reagan” is a political satire set at the start of President Reagan’s second term when he was suffering from Alzheimer’s. In the movie, an ambitious intern convinces him that he’s actually an actor playing the president in a movie.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, but Prince’s siblings are fighting over their inheritance. An insider told TMZ that a family meeting was held at Paisley Park yesterday. Prince’s younger sister Tyka was there along with his half-brothers, Alfred and Omarr. Reportedly, Tyka believes that as the only full-blooded sibling, she’s entitled to more than Prince’s half-siblings. But it doesn’t really matter what she thinks because Minnesota law says all six siblings will share equally, whether they’re half or full. Then about 2 hours into the meeting, Alfred told Tyka he was upset that he was the only sibling left out of Prince’s memorial service, and that’s when she stormed out of the room. After she left, a bank representative took Alfred on a tour of Prince’s home and to the elevator where he died, “so he could properly grieve.”

Usher went on Snapchat yesterday to give his fans a tour of his home. It started off innocently enough. Usher showed us his art work and his bedroom….Very nice….But then Usher decided to lead us into his bathroom, where he then undressed himself and went into his steam room. He said, “This is precisely the reason I have this room.” And then he took an overhead shot looking down on his naked self with an emoji placed over his most private parts, captioning it, “Blowinoffsteam.” The only problem with that was the emoji. It wasn’t big enough. So Usher’s Snapchat followers got a pretty good look at what he’s working with.



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