J-Si’s Blog: Live the dream

I have always fantasized about being a performer. Out on stage, with a band, having a blast. Problem is I am not blessed in the singing department, and I definitely am not Joe Perry on the guitar (hope you’re feeling better, Joe). So that remains a fantasy. I have had

J-Si’s Blog: Am I Sick?

Weird weekend for me… mostly because I don’t know if I am sick or I have really bad allergies. As a dude, I try to steer away from going to the doctors. Why? I don’t know. That’s just what we do. But, I will say this… I almost went because

J-Si’s Blog: Man Weekend

Who would have thought that all I had to do, to get Big Al to come visit my house, is say I was going to buy a lawnmower?! Well, it happened! Plus, we got a bonus: we picked up the ping-pong table my boss bought me for my birthday! I

J-Si’s Blog: Done and done

Celebration time! My wife and I did the most adult thing we have ever done. We successfully pulled off the buying of our new house, and the selling of our old one. A little bit of luck on both sides of it. First of all, thank God for Kinsey, because