Cheyenne Goss Autobiography

Hey yall, I’m Cheyenne! I don’t even really know where to start considering music has been a huge part (if not all of) my life since I was very little! Let’s look back a good chunk of years and see where it all started. I am from a tiny, two stop light, no Wal-Mart town in Southern Illinois called Newton. There is absolutely nothing to do in this town, and I am not even exaggerating when I say that. I grew up four-wheeler riding, camping, boating, etc. Although to some that may not sound like the ideal life, to me it was perfect. I went to a tiny high school where everybody knew everybody, and the teachers were your friends. I LOVE Chinese food, heck I love all food. So if I am not singing, I am probably snuggled up on a couch somewhere munching on goodies and laughing extremely hard while watching “The Office (US)”, or getting all sappy watching “Friday Night Lights”. Before I left home for college I was blessed with a year to represent my county as the 2013 Miss Jasper County Fair Queen. My year as queen shaped me into the woman I am today. Onto the good stuff, music has been rushing through my blood since I was born (or so my parents say). We have old home videos of me singing with my little poo bear keyboard and carrot microphone when I was only 2 years old. The older I got, the stronger my passion grew. I started doing local competitions, trying out for the TV shows, writing my own music, etc. It all just spiraled out of control, and it has been the same ever since. Being a musician myself of course I love and appreciate all different types of music, but none of them caught on quite the way country music did.

Growing up in a tiny rural area, I could relate to all of the backwoods, bonfire, church on Sunday country songs that we hear. Some people may think that’s all there is to country music, but hear me when I say you are one-hundred percent wrong. Country music just has an effortless way of touching people, telling stories, the truths, the lies, and everything in between. You’ll probably think I am crazy for saying this but I LOVE a good sad country song. Music is my life, and any song that can make me feel ten different kinds of emotions in three minutes… well that is the reason I do this. Music is so powerful, so darn powerful that it lead me to Nashville, the country music capitol of America.

I always dreamed of moving to Nashville, but never actually believed I would. I am from a town where no one ever really leaves… so it was definitely hard. Hard to leave my family, my friends, and the town in general. Although I hesitated, my life would in no way be the same if I had stayed. Nashville is where I believe God wants me to be. I am an employee at The Grand Ole Opry, I sing downtown at Tootsies Orchid and Rippy’s Bar and Grill, and I currently attend Belmont University studying Music Business. The opportunities in that town are endless, the amount of amazing musicians I meet a week is uncountable, and the way I feel when I am there is simply indescribable. However, I am still lucky enough to have tons and tons of support from everyone back home. This opportunity that Kidd Nation has blessed me with is incredible. I thank God every day because I know I was born to sing, born to share my music with the world… and now I have that opportunity. I am blessed beyond words.


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